Who I Am...

My name is Stan Holt.

What do I do?

I am a practitioner of  Integrative Energetic Medicine. 

A formerly licensed therapeutic massage therapist, my focus now is solely on being a Spiritual healing facilitator, an energy management and awareness coach.

Who do I do this for?

I do this for seekers... those who seek more of themselves , more life, more joy, healing, reclamation, happiness, more                                                                                            awe and wonder in their existence.

What do these people really want or need? 

Typically it boils down to freedom and clarity.

What do clients get out of a healing session... how are they changed...what are the results?

Overall, clients come away with greater presence in themselves, thus they have a greater presence with and for Life itself.  They love and appreciate more. Of everything.

More results:

* Stress & Anxiety Reduction
* Pain Reduction
* Improved Mobility

* Learn energy management techniques
* Self empowerment
* Clarity * Joy * Peace
* Greater Presence/ Sense of Grounding
* Self Empowerment
* Self Discoveries
* Connection to Self & Life!

At Jaguar Healing Arts, I am focused on providing Energy Healing services with the highest degree of integrity.

Personal expansion and growth is an ongoing process. I'm always curious as to what is the next beneficial healing method and tool to share with others for self empowerment.  Lately, there have been some sessions that are shamanic in nature, psychic in nature, or simply but beautifully physical. Sometimes a muscle cramp is a muscle cramp that needs to be massaged & manipulated.

"Stan graduated from New Life Institute School of Massage Excellence (later renamed Rising Spirit Institute) in June, 2000. In 2005, he attended WhiteWinds Institute of Integrative Energetic Medicine, founded in 1997 by Fernand Poulin. There he earned a certificate of completion which consists of 500 hours of class studies, practicum, supervision and evaluation, and clinical work in the arts and science of Integrative Energetic Medicine. In 2008 he completed the Second Year Proficiency Training Program at WhiteWinds.

Stan was an assistant to Dr. Poulin at White Winds in 2010 and 2011, for the first year Sacred Passages year long program.

In his Energy Healing, Stan uses a genuine "Whole Body" approach; addressing physical, mental and sometimes emotional issues in the body by exploring the energetic field that surrounds the body, as well as the energies that flow through the body. This all-encompassing practice incorporates balancing of the fields, chakra work, Cranio-Sacral techniques, tissue unwinding, and more. Together, the client and practitioner explore the source of stressors that can create tensions/pains in the body, where it is held in the physical body, thus discovering the energetic "medicine" that brings relief and correction for the body.

Each session is tailored to the needs of the client." 

Look around my website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me. I hope to see you again! Check back for new updates and blog entries to this website.

Client Testimonial...

" I have done lots and lots of psychotherapy, and other healing, including various types of body work.  Nonetheless, I've been aware of carrying different points of tension in my body and most of these have had an emotional component.  Despite being a psychotherapist, I didn't feel that more psychotherapy was what I needed.  I heard about Stan after my wife had a session with him and something seemed right to me about seeing him, which I did.  

I've had 4 individual sessions with Stan and attended a 6 hour group healing workshop, a lot has really moved for me, emotionally, energetically and spiritually.  I suppose I'm fairly aware of my body. For at least half of the time, the things Stan does I feel as energy-sensations in my body, or prompts my own insightful thoughts and connections.  Others, I do not feel as much.  Regardless, after working with Stan, my psycho-spiritual progress has rocketed and it is very exciting to be moving through things so fast.  I have also spent some time alone in the days after working with him and these were more like journey's that were intense, exciting and very healing as a result of Stan's work.  One thing I like about him is his humility.  If you feel you are ready for this type of work, I highly recommend Stan."  

Doug Miller, Ph.D. 
Licensed Psychologist