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Sexuality & Sexual Energy

Posted on August 2, 2015 at 8:10 PM Comments comments (1)

Hey there…

Just so you know,

Sex has been “up” lately, in my world of energetic healing. This is a topic that I don’t usually see energy healers talk about. Its awkward, but we need to have the adult conversation about this. It can be taken the wrong way or simply not be communicated well. I’m taking a deep breath and diving in anyway with the best and highest of intentions.

So, after you read ALL of this blog, and the link below titled 8 Ways to Be Positive You’re Sex Positive, please feel free to write back to me with comments, observations, suggestions.

In working with my clients, an increase in their sexual feelings/ arousal seems to be the result or side effect of clearing out some energetic clutter/ debris left over from childhood stuff, aka erroneous conclusions about self. Also, simply clearing out stressors of being an adult in a crazy world can create room for us to remember “Oh, then there’s sex!”

Whenever I see a pattern of multiple clients coming in with similar issues, then I know three things: I am learning something new; I need to pay attention; many people are having similar issues (more than just those that are arriving in my healing space).

The short story of this is that once we can disentangle our mental “stories” from our emotions, then we can actually get back in touch with what it feels like to be in our physical body… not stuck in a hamster wheel of judgments, guilt, shame, disconnect, denial, fatigue, overwhelm, etc.

The way that the client(s) and I got to their rediscovered sexuality was by staying present with whatever was coming to the surface, even when it was resistance. With one client in particular, there was a resistance to feeling a sadness. So rather than feeling that emotion, my encouragement was to simply be present with the resistance itself. It was more on the surface, it mattered, we listened.

And so we continued, level by level, layer by layer, staying present with every little thing, until reaching the core issue. It ALL matters.

To be more in the body often means to be aware of ALL of our senses, to include our sense of sexuality. I have noticed clients after their sessions, are literally seeing the world differently with brighter colors, they hear more birds and insects enjoying the world, they smell the earth … and they wonder what is that buzzing sensation they have around the root chakra?

This can be confusing or uncomfortable after an energy session. A client or two have said “I don’t understand, why/ what this is? I feel shy and embarrassed…”

First of all, I am always surprised and amazed at the mystery of what is happening, especially when the issue(s) being addressed in the first place having nothing to do with sex. I also feel deeply grateful and humbled by such vulnerability…the willingness to be so honest.

My verbal response is always “Thank God, you ARE alive!”

Too often – somewhere in our stories – our right to be human is compromised. At the root chakra, this is where “I give myself the right to be the woman/ man that I am”. It is our right to physical existence in the world, our right to our humanness, our access and gateway to the senses & sensuality. SEX is here as well.

Taking care of ourselves and others in life can be overwhelming and stressful, to the point that we are exhausted. Too many employers and occupations would have us be as more of a machine than a human.

When we are shamed around sex, or we are somehow numbed out to what we feel – emotionally or physically – then the tendency of the mind is to try to protect the whole self ( and heart) by shelving these feelings until further notice. A portion of our BEING in the world is shut off.

While this may be something that we simply learned from others in our world, or it became necessary as a child for us to survive and function in certain environments, it can also become detrimental, unhealthy, isolating, etc as an adult. We can find ourselves missing out on what we can enjoy, learn or rediscover in life. There is a part of our aliveness that is missing from the world.

Conversely, there can be an opposite/ unbalanced behavior that stems from “I am valued or recognized for sex alone”, which is hugely damaging to the spirit.

Healthy sexual energy is, after all, CREATIVE energy. It lends itself to our whole being, balance, and existence.

Now, the reality in today’s world is that our sexuality, sexual likes, dislikes, and expressions come in a rich variety of different looks, genders, and flavors. It can even be asexual… Its all good :). I am thrilled to be reading & seeing more articles about being “Sex Positive”, which is a way of saying “YES, I am sexually alive”.

Here is one of my fav articles lately, about 8 Ways to Be Positive You’re Sex Positive, and it has some great points to it. I especially like the parts about it NOT being hedonistic, there is encouragement to listen, know thyself, boundaries, and more.

Thus, there is permission and a reclaiming of one’s sexual being. It can be very vanilla/ tame, it can be rocky road, or bubble gum flavored, as long as it is healthy, responsible and consensual.

My invitation in all of this is that we are honest and give permission for who and how we are in our humanness FROM THE HEART.

Be kind and compassionate with your own BEING.

In the “new age” movement of the past 20 years or so, there has tended to be a real skip out of our humanness – away from what has been judged as negative feeling/ emotions and sometimes sexuality – so that we can live on a pink puffy cloud somewhere away from the rest of the world.

This just isn’t real and life misses those people that attempt to live there. Being awakened, aware, enlightened or spiritually exploring is NOT about escaping from the living world nor from yourself. Here on the ground – in the body - is where the work and joy is.

So, when you find yourself seeing the world differently with brighter colors, hearing more birds and insects enjoying the world, smelling the earth … and wondering what is that buzzing sensation you have around the root chakra… simply thank God you’re alive, and go enjoy life. ENJOY BEING!!

Much Love,

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The Root Chakra... the Place of Our Being, Roles, and Existence

Posted on July 13, 2015 at 12:55 AM Comments comments (0)

This discussion of the root chakra actually starts with the head, and a few reminders:  that "As above, so it is below, and vice versa."; The Root Chakra is the energy center of our very being, where "I give myself the right to BE the woman/ man that I am... just as I AM."; It is where we give ourselves the right/ permission to physically exist in the world; The Role of who/ what I have created myself to be in this world is stored here.

Recently, a client asked me to work on him with massage and energy work to address a recurring migraine headache.  In asking "Joe" questions regarding his headache, he revealed that his medical doctor strongly suspected a particular medication was the culprit. And upon eliminating that, his headache was reduced yet still present.

To really get started in the session, I always begin by energetically checking into the layers of the energy fields that surround the body, check the chakras/ energy centers that reside IN the body, as well as checking the physical body itself.

What kept showing up as needing attention was the emotions - the emotional body, second chakra, and sixth chakra -  the physical areas around all of the pelvic region.

So, I put these energetic discovering on hold for a moment - knowing that they were important, they were trying to show something, and it was all going to come together to create a complete picture - to ask a few more questions.

Me - "What does your headache feel like now?"

Joe - " Like a vice grip...more notable on the left side."

Me - "Whats that particular med for? The one your doctor suspects?"

Joe - "To increase urinary output."

Me - "And why do you need that?"

Joe - "Ultimately, its because I'm having difficulty completely emptying the bladder, because of my prostate issue (prostatitus)".

*Holy smokes, we're on to something now!*  Though the root chakra itself did not initially register with the energetic check in, it became clear at this point that it was hugely involved.  My job as the facilitator was to continue to stay curious, investigate, stay compassionate.

During the massage portion, the headache was reduced further with Swedish techniques, deep tissue, some neuro-muscular therapy methods to the neck and head areas, but not totally eliminated.

Also during the massage is a fair time for some chit-chat.  I asked the question of "As a child, what is it you always wanted to be?"  "Joe" responded with wanting to be a performer.  He wanted to be on stage acting or singing.  He had a talent(s) to share.

Post massage, we came back to the energetic work and questions...

As Joe continued to speak, he revealed that he had recently been back to his home to see family and address some issues that were coming up in that environment.  These were stressful.  He stayed grounded most of the time, but also he lost his "cool" once or twice.  The pressures he experienced and felt he was under was enormous.

The areas of his head, pelvis, root chakra/tailbone all began to illuminate as wanting attention and to be heard.

I asked him what was his "role" in the family dynamics?  In other words,  what character was he playing out in the family drama?

For Joe, this was a role of responsibility, the role of peace keeper, and in a certain sense, a role of frustrated witness as family members dont do/ behave as we believe they should. It is truly a heavy burden with a lot of pressure.  His physical body was manifesting this with the vice like pressure of the headache, and pressures (prostatitus/ bladder/ kidney issues) down below.

With a compassionate listening and awareness to the root chakra, I walked Joe into a prayerful heart centered space.  It is from this heart space that he could clear out the roles that he created for himself, clear out & disconnect all family cords (both mother & father, as well as siblings) from the root chakra, and give himself the unpressured permission and right to be the man that is in the world... just because he exists.

Within seconds, the work done here in the root chakra expanded its way through the body, physically and energetically. The headache went away as pressure was released.  In the sixth chakra, the energy there was no longer looking/ projecting for a "truth" that was simply no longer true. Joe no longer has to pressure himself to be the peace keeper or performer for the family, especially since home is eight hours away.

The pressure is really off of his entire being.  Surrendering the roles that he created for himself for peace, for a safer environment, to be seen/ valued, were all created as a child and served him well.  As an adult, roles and functions in life can change.  The roles that we take on or create for ourselves can be for what gives us joy in our own BEING. 

AND, as we need to sometimes be responsible with or for other adults in our lives, interactions have a chance to be totally changed as well...the angst of pressures, control and expectations are very different, greatly diminished or non-existent as well. 

Adult partnerships can be formed, adult conversations can be had, and there is a compassionate listening that is possible.

Giving ourselves the permission to be/ exist - just as we are - is what provides a solid grounding connection to the earth itself. We provide our own safety in being ourselves because we aren’t looking to anyone outside for that safety, approval or permission.

Much love y'all,




Posted on April 15, 2015 at 12:35 AM Comments comments (2)


Reflections on Trust & Humility...

Some extraordinary events have happened lately, that reminds me of the great intelligence, awe & wonder of Spirit. In a recent indigenous/ Native American workshop, I was shown tremendous humility and trust.

During the course of the evening I simply found myself with an overwhelming sense of humbleness and genuine humility. Via song and prayer, the presenter – and Spirit – were bringing a much needed medicine for me. I eventually found myself bowed down on the floor, going reverently deep within, feeling blessed, deeply trusting in the process and myself, while feeling so very humbled. It was tangible, gut felt, grounding itself within so as to become a permanent resident.

Jump ahead in time by a few weeks… While working with a client by phone, she wanted assistance and support for a near chronic fatigue kind of feeling that she was experiencing. What I noticed with her was distortions in the second, fourth & seventh chakras, and a tension of sorts in her low back and right hip area. However, she couldn’t feel those tensions in her body. They just did not register with her, at first.

Rather than doubt what was being presented in the session – even tho there were incongruences – I invited/ allowed deep Trust and Humility to be a major part of this healing. I trusted what was being shown and humbly allowed things to progress without my pushing. I also gave myself permission to be wrong, for the sake of being curious about the client’s truth/story.

During the further exploration of her “story”, she began to FEEL – emotionally and physically – where it was residing in her body, and how it was affecting her in daily living. As the frozen/ stuck emotions began to thaw, the genuine healing also began to take place, as well as unwinding and release in the tissues.

The client also began to experience the deep knowing and bodily felt sense of Trust. “Everything is going to be ok” came out of her mouth. It really resonated in her heart and the rest of her body. This arose organically within her, as a message of her own trust for self, for Life. This message for her is also a means of bringing a much needed sense of relief, security and liberation that was/ is much needed – yet not received as a child – to be genuinely present in the now as an adult.

This healing session was certainly humbling from start to finish, as I trusted in the process and the innate wisdom being presented.

So, this is the invitation to us all, to everyone: *Trust*. It is when we listen into ourselves, our humanness, our stories, the source of our stories, our heart’s truest desires… trust with a great humility as to where it leads and what it reveals. When there is revealed a deep angst and sadness underneath all of stories and resistances, THERE is the very healing gateway we have been looking for. And it is with humility that we can come before it. On the other side of that doorway is an aliveness and infinite love we can barely fathom, and it is waiting to be reclaimed, resurrected and given expression in the here and now.

It is simply powerful. YOU are simply powerful.

Humbly & In Joy my friends,


What is Your Heart/Soul's Greatest Desire?

Posted on March 26, 2015 at 9:35 AM Comments comments (0)

The other day as I was working with a client, it became apparent that he was looking for something.

In his "story", he is generally well put together, organized in his world and very timely.  The word "time" came up enough that I realized there was a guestion or two waiting to be asked regarding "time" and what it is for him.  It seemed that "Bob" was looking for something before time ran out.

The questions that presented itself were "What is it that is your Heart & Soul's desire?  What is it that you feel must be acheived before time runs out?"

I was clear with him that it wasn't the perfect house, perfect partner in life or perfect vacation. These are things the mind/ ego wants.  But what is the feeling?  What is the innate knowing that is so close to the surface of consciousness, wanting to reveal itself?

As Bob sat for just a few moments with the question of what is his heart's true desire, the answer seeped into him.  It was genuine peace, genuine calm.  Nothing contrived, controlled or instigated with a technique.  But a deep calm and peace that is organic, natural, and truly already there.

The question itself is an invitation to the Soul/ Heart (they are synonymous).  The question is NOT for the mind, nor can the mind honestly answer it.  The mind MAY find a temporary calm when all is controlled according to its "story".  But it isnt genuine.

The answer, the feeling, the actual embodiment of the deep peace and calm itself is in fact what the Soul already knows.  It is what the Soul already is.  But are we operating from that place?  No, most times not.

So, the continued invitation is to explore, what happens when I do allow myself to be at peace with what is?  Does it improve traffic on the way to work? No, not really.  BUT, it does allow me to be at peace with the traffic and people around me as I go to work.  Traffic is happening.  There may be a snarl somewhere.  But do I feel ensnarled and tangled with it? No, not when I am remembering the organic calm and peace within, that is already present, as I allow myself to be present and open to the Soul/ Heart's desire.

Communing with the Spirit Animal Kingdom

Posted on May 8, 2014 at 2:20 PM Comments comments (0)

This is from guest blogger, great friend and hugely intuitive healer, Janet Raftis.  To see more about her and readings that she offers, see her website - -  and FB pages.  This is a great read.  Thanks Janet!!

Communing with the Spirit Animal Kingdom

Spirit loves to communicate with us and can be very chatty if we are open to receiving messages from

her. She has all sorts of ways of reaching out to us and sharing her wisdom and guidance. Since most of

us don’t fully believe that we can hear the voice of God or communicate directly with him, the Divine

uses all sorts of intermediaries and energetic agents to get our attention and share his light with us.

One way in which we are given messages is through the animal world. Spirit animals are very similar

to angels and guides on the other side; in essence, they are energetic imprints that guide us and that

can offer us protection and healing when we ask for it. Sometimes the messages will come from the

spirit vibration itself and at other times they will come to us symbolically in that we will start seeing that

animal everywhere or receiving messages about it, or we will start to feel a strong resonance with it.

Many of us have felt very connected to a particular animal since we were small children – chances are

that animal is one of our guides! These main spirit guides are serving the individual in the big picture

of their life. For example, if the person is funny, fun-loving, and spends a lot of time in the outdoors,

they may have the spirit of Orangutan with them. If they are also highly organized and enjoy working in

groups, they may have the Bee totem with them as well. For intuitive people that are about to embark

on a healing journey, Deer may be their totem. These main animal spirits can be with us for years at a

time or even throughout an entire lifetime, but they also may change as our dreams and aspirations


Totem animals will also show up for us to help us through situations or periods of growth. Some may

be with us for a few months, and some may come for two minutes – just long enough to share a quick

energetic tidbit about our lives with us. Rabbit just loves to come through to let you know that you are

either entering a very prolific period or that you need to get yourself moving in the creative department.

She will often appear in the sacral chakra as she resonates strongly with the creation/birthing energy of

that center. If Frog shows up for you, you might want to reflect on what needs to be cleansed or purified

in your life or your body.

I’ve found as well that these spirits love to help us along our healing path. They offer loving and

beneficial advice on how to move through difficult times in our lives. Here is a meditation that Polar

Bear shared with me for a client that was having trouble expressing and receiving love fully. This

meditation will help to “thaw” your heart chakra:

Imagine that in the center of your chest there is a ball of glowing golden light. Feel the light heat your

heart center as it spins and glitters. Follow the light as it works itself out from your heart, touching every

part of your body, flowing slowly and softly through you. Enjoy the warmth and love of this divine light

as it passes through your body and radiates out through your crown and root chakras and then down

your feet and out into Mother Earth. Connect with the source of the light, knowing that it is Divine and

that you are loved. Enjoy often!

Emotional Stress

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I had the priveledge earlier this week to work on a few clients who had some real emotional stresses occuring in their lives.

The way these stresses were presenting themselves was through a lack of presence, lack of focus in the moment, severe headache & neck pains.

The gentleman I worked with was in the most discomfort with the physical pains.  The approach I used with him was first to listen to his "story" and the source of his stresses - another person.  Then I addressed where it was being stored in the body.  I utilized gentle touch and craniosacral techniques to contact the central nervous system and specifically the amygdala near the center of the brain.  Within just a few moments the energy of the stress itself was pouring out, his body slightly quivering as it was releasing.

To help calm the body & nervous system, I coached the client to gently place one hand over the heart, the other hand over the navel area...this is the area of the second chakra.  It is the chakra of the emotions.

The body continued to release, and the connection was made from heart to emotions, to bring the element of compassion to the process.  This also gives the client a chance to be more compassionate with himself, to see that he doesnt really need to store nor take on anyone else's emotional/ energetic stresses.  Its not his job to make others happy.  His focus can now be on himself, what brings greater fulfillment in his world.

The other client, a women, was holding back her tears, not allowing herself to simply give expression to some worries and a deep love for a family member.

In using the same approach to the amygdala, there was permission to deeply feel her own love for another. Tears flowed, stresses dispersed from the body.  Greater presence, grounding, and clarity resulted. Upon stepping outside & away from the treatment area, she immediately noticed how brilliant the colors became...almost surreal to her as compared to prior to treatment.

In the allowing of her own emotions, "Jane" discovered more of herself, her own presence, peace, and was able to see & appreciate the beauty of what life was showing her in the moment.

What a treat for me to witness the beauty that both of these clients presented, and the power of connecting to the heart.


How the Body Holds Stresses

Posted on September 21, 2013 at 3:30 PM Comments comments (0)

It has been an interesting and beautiful week of being with clients who are showing me a variety of physical issues, and the different ways that the human body will hold its stresses.  One client has a stiffened shoulder.  Another client displays low back pains and tightened jaw issues.

The client with the shoulder issue is experiencing her stiffness on the right side.  The right side - to me, during session - symbolizes issues with masculine figures...father, brother, uncle, husband, etc. 

I utilized muscle manipulation & neuro-muscular therapy (NMT) techniques to work with the soft tissues of the shoulder and all of the groups contributing to the shoulder joint: supraspinatus, infraspinatus, pec major & minor, subscapularis, terres minnor, and deltoids for good measure.

After working the groups and fibers, the results were minimal.  But upon having a conversation about a man or men in her world that she might feel "responsible" for in some way, she began to tell me of an ex-relationship, where she still held some perceived responsibility.  The client was still shouldering a burden she felt from that time in her life.

Simply through the course of discussion about this, sharing the "story" a bit, expressing some emotions, the tissues began to loosen which brought about a marked reduction in pain and improved range of motion.

The second client  with low back pains and the jaw issues...Using the symbology of the body again - and the chakra system - we were able to get to emotions (held in the low back/second chakra) which she had difficulty giving expression/voice to (in the throat/jaw/fifth chakra).  There was tremendous rationale and mental reasoning as to why giving expression to the emotions was not good (a learned childhood conclusion) thus the jaw was shut down and the entire nervous system was in a state of duress.

As before in the first exampe, with muscular massage, tissue manipulation and neuro-muscular work there was some relief, yet it was incomplete.  A safe conversation about the emotional issues at hand helped to clear the stresses from the body, from the muscle tissues as well as the nervous system, and allowed emotional expression - giving voice - to the cause of such duress in the core of the body.

This particular client has reported - post session with me - that her body is totally handling her stresses differently.  They arent being stored in her body as they were before, and the areas of concern have not been flaring up.  Brilliant!

To learn more about having a session with me, meditations or energy management, please give a call or send an email.  I look forward to working with you soon.

Much Love, Stan


Posted on September 16, 2013 at 12:30 AM Comments comments (0)

This is too good not to re-post or re-blog about, wish I had written it!

This Is Your Brain on Meditation... The science explaining why you should meditate every day by Rebecca Gladding, MD.

The  article - with a link at the end of this writing - explains why I meditate everyday, and I find ways to share in my meditations with clients.  There are in fact some clients who do come see me for the sake of learning and experienceing more about meditation. 

They may say "I dont know how to meditate" or they may be seeking to understand what is happening, or learn more about the energy system. So I walk them through a reconnection process with themselves, which is very tangible as we explore the chakras, the different bodies of the external energy field, or come to a place of deep inner peace.

Ultimately, there are many ways to meditate, and what ever you experience - whether it is "peaceful" or not - is the meditation. Its neither good or bad, it just is.  But can you find peace in what is?

This is a portion of what Dr Gladding has to say..." Sitting every day, for at least 15-30 minutes, makes a huge difference in how you approach life, how personally you take things and how you interact with others. It enhances compassion, allows you to see things more clearly (including yourself) and creates a sense of calm and centeredness that is indescribable. There really is no substitute."

Please make an appointment with me if you'd like to explore or learn more about meditation.  It will make a world of difference in many - if not all - areas of your life.

Enjoy the full article in Psychology Today, its great!

distorted fields and the body

Posted on July 31, 2013 at 8:50 PM Comments comments (0)

There are times when we are existing in the world, and nothing feels right.  There is a physical discomfort and achiness in the low back that comes and goes inconsistently, the mind is scattered, and/or the emotions are up and down.

Things like this can be an indication that your energy field needs to be checked for distortions.  In the images below (borrowed from Barbara Brennan's Hands of Light) we can see an example of the optimum energy field and perfectly aligned chakras.  The other image shows a variety of distortions.  More often than not, we all have some kind of shifted or distorted energy field.

I recently saw a client who was having some issues from going through life and relationship changes.  These can often be difficult, but they are great growth opportunities.  Tho the client was not presenting any major physical pains, the mind was very busy trying to figure out "What happend?  Why did this happen?".  He was in a very unsettled state.

As I investigated the energy fields, there was a distortion that really stood out in the mental body, that was connecting into both the 3rd chakra (mental chakra, where beliefs, judgments & conclusions reside) and the 1st chakra.  The 1st chakra is the chakra of our physical being and who/how am I being as a man/woman.

Thus the client and I began a conversation around the beliefs about himself.  "Who or how am I being as a man in the world?"  And "Where did I learn that?  Who were my teachers in this?"

As both the old beliefs and teachers are cleared out, it is as if we have a clean slate.  We can rediscover our true nature and redefine how we are being in the world.  Behaviors change, there can be a greater openness that attracts healther relationships.  The body as a whole is also more relaxed as it is no longer holding tensions and energies that - while they may have been protective or beneficial as a child - no longer serve as an adult. 

With this client, as I utilized a CranioSacral technique, some subtle unwinding of the legs and hips began to happen.  Tensions departed from the pelvic bowl at the top of the femur and hip socket areas.  I could see that he literally would be standing in the world in a different way.

In the redefining process, this is best done in partnership with the heart and Soul.  We can ask, "What is my heart's true desire?  What feeds my Soul?  What is Soulfully right in this moment?"

THIS is where and how we can begin to live an authentic life, a rewarding life, and be more present.

Post treatment, the client was walking around feeling his body and allowing the energetic changes to settle.  I asked him how he felt.  He remarked, "I literally feel everything differently.  I am more sensitive, everything looks a little brighter too.  There is a much greater mind is quieter."

Yes!  Peace is very much a part of our true nature.  The mind itself is not wrong, damaged nor broken.  However it is/was the contents of the mind that were creating disturbance in life and distortions in the field.  With those things cleared out, there is relief, peace, and the mind can be more of an ally in one's daily processes.

I am deeply blessed to be able to be of service to you in this way, and I thank you for being here.

Humbly yours,


Distance Healing

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The other day I worked on a client by phone, to do some distance healing work. This is what he has to say regarding the session....

"Stan's ability to heal across vast distances was nothing less than astounding to me. He picked up on injuries that have plagued me for years and really showed me how to open up my (electromagnetic?) energy flows. I value his professional opinions as much as any doctor or chiropractor I've been to in the past"

whoa! Ok, even I was impressed. What I am struck by the most was that what we think of as time & space becomes non-existent. Separation of "me" from "you" becomes non-existent. Unity is what becomes prevalent and foremost, thus the required healing frequencies are quickly available...old injuries that energetically linger in the body can be recognized and unwound/released. After that, the body can release its patterns of repeated similar injuries, cellular tensions are also released, the body as a whole has a chance to "reset" so as to be in a healthier state.

This is truly amazing work. I am humbled and grateful be in this relationship with Life, to do this work.

What is it, how does it work?

I borrow some explanations from the world of quantum physics for this part...In Quantum, everything is connected.  Everything is part of a continuous whole.  Distance is not a factor.

If you were to look up some key phrases like "Spooky Phenomenon" or "Spooky Quantum Entanglement Theory", you'd find some cool but heady reading.  To paraphrase, here are some statements from

The weird way entangled particles stay connected even when separated by large distances — a phenomenon Albert Einstein called "spooky" ... that a pair of "entangled" particles, once measured, can somehow instantly communicate with each other so that their states always match...

(Recent research suggests the entangled particles interact at a speed that's 10,000 times faster than the speed of light.)

In healers teminology...

When I take out the word "measured" and put in the words "observed, witnessed, recognized" this works the same way.  In connecting and communicating with a client by phone for a session, I begin to feel in myself where distortions may reside in his/her energy field.  Thus the particles of energy are "measured" or witnessed as to where they are and what they are doing.  When one particle - or group of particles - are changed, the coresponding praticles (and space surrounding them) change as well.

Whew, its a mind bender! The thing is, spiritual/ energy healing isn't a thing of the mind at all.  It is a function of the heart, communication and agreements of the Soul, and Divine/ Higher Intelligence.  It is never "me" doing it, I'm not God.  Yet, I am in a conscious loving partnership with Source and the infinite possibilities for healing, however that looks. 

Much Love,