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the inner landscapes

Posted on June 18, 2013 at 10:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Years ago, as I was beginning my own spiritual journey, having deeper self inquiries and a hard look at myself, I used to see myself as an angry silverback gorilla...big, aggressive, mean, unpredictable, and very much alone.  There was much dialogue of "me, mine, my!" and escaping from the world.  I didnt want anyone else in my jungle.


Since then I have seen where the anger - and underlying wounds/sadness - came from.  I have learned to take ownership of my stories about those wounds, learned to bring compassion to myself and the young mind that made false conclusions about the world.


With the healing and work that has since taken place, I have also (1) embraced loneliness & fear of it (2) embraced myself (3) found myself not really alone.  I found myself in communities of love, support, music, healing, sanity, deep grounded-ness, greater purpose, connection, vulnerability, courage...


In my inner landscape, I am sometimes still the world is now lush, green, vibrant, and filled with family, love, space for solitude as needed, as well as space for play and fellowship.  There is room for everything and everyone in the world.  It is OUR world, it is GOD'S world, I belong in it, as does everyone else.  I am grateful, for my inner gorilla, and the learning/ growth that has happened over the years.

Much love,

Emotions, stress, & hunger

Posted on June 5, 2013 at 6:35 PM

Its always interesting how the body responds to a healing process. Whether it is a tearful response or laughter, it is appropriate. It is movement of an emotional energy that wants/ needs to be expressed in some way.

In one particular session, a client had a few moments of the giggles as I was working with the energies of her liver & gallbladder.  It was a little odd, but imprtant, as the emotions held in these organs (according to oriental medical models) is anger.

My job was to simply stay present and enjoy the moment with the client.  I watched - and we both experienced - the transformations of the "stuck" energies.  The organs returned to a normal and optimal energy pattern.

The result was reduced stress in the organs, which in turn reduced the stress, tensions and pains in the back.  The patient also claimed, later in the day, that she "hadnt felf hungery all day".  Thats a nice and unexpected side effect.

In hind site and speculation, I suppose part of an underlying stress at play with this client may have been a belief or conclusion that "I am not fulfilled in situation 'x,y, z'.  Thus I must fill myself with something outside of or a particular type of food", i.e starchy or sugary stuff, or even an unhealthy behavior pattern. 

Yet once optimum energy patterns are established, with an increased energy flow throughout one's entire system, then there is a healthier fulfillment from Source and from the internal Self.  A person can become Self-Fulfilled from an authentic place within themselves.  Then the desire or craving for something more or something else naturally dissipates.

I hope you've enjoyed this tid-bit of thoughts and experiences, and I hope to see you soon.  Till then, many blessings and much love to you!