distorted fields and the body

Posted on July 31, 2013 at 8:50 PM

There are times when we are existing in the world, and nothing feels right.  There is a physical discomfort and achiness in the low back that comes and goes inconsistently, the mind is scattered, and/or the emotions are up and down.

Things like this can be an indication that your energy field needs to be checked for distortions.  In the images below (borrowed from Barbara Brennan's Hands of Light) we can see an example of the optimum energy field and perfectly aligned chakras.  The other image shows a variety of distortions.  More often than not, we all have some kind of shifted or distorted energy field.

I recently saw a client who was having some issues from going through life and relationship changes.  These can often be difficult, but they are great growth opportunities.  Tho the client was not presenting any major physical pains, the mind was very busy trying to figure out "What happend?  Why did this happen?".  He was in a very unsettled state.

As I investigated the energy fields, there was a distortion that really stood out in the mental body, that was connecting into both the 3rd chakra (mental chakra, where beliefs, judgments & conclusions reside) and the 1st chakra.  The 1st chakra is the chakra of our physical being and who/how am I being as a man/woman.

Thus the client and I began a conversation around the beliefs about himself.  "Who or how am I being as a man in the world?"  And "Where did I learn that?  Who were my teachers in this?"

As both the old beliefs and teachers are cleared out, it is as if we have a clean slate.  We can rediscover our true nature and redefine how we are being in the world.  Behaviors change, there can be a greater openness that attracts healther relationships.  The body as a whole is also more relaxed as it is no longer holding tensions and energies that - while they may have been protective or beneficial as a child - no longer serve as an adult. 

With this client, as I utilized a CranioSacral technique, some subtle unwinding of the legs and hips began to happen.  Tensions departed from the pelvic bowl at the top of the femur and hip socket areas.  I could see that he literally would be standing in the world in a different way.

In the redefining process, this is best done in partnership with the heart and Soul.  We can ask, "What is my heart's true desire?  What feeds my Soul?  What is Soulfully right in this moment?"

THIS is where and how we can begin to live an authentic life, a rewarding life, and be more present.

Post treatment, the client was walking around feeling his body and allowing the energetic changes to settle.  I asked him how he felt.  He remarked, "I literally feel everything differently.  I am more sensitive, everything looks a little brighter too.  There is a much greater mind is quieter."

Yes!  Peace is very much a part of our true nature.  The mind itself is not wrong, damaged nor broken.  However it is/was the contents of the mind that were creating disturbance in life and distortions in the field.  With those things cleared out, there is relief, peace, and the mind can be more of an ally in one's daily processes.

I am deeply blessed to be able to be of service to you in this way, and I thank you for being here.

Humbly yours,


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