How the Body Holds Stresses

Posted on September 21, 2013 at 3:30 PM

It has been an interesting and beautiful week of being with clients who are showing me a variety of physical issues, and the different ways that the human body will hold its stresses.  One client has a stiffened shoulder.  Another client displays low back pains and tightened jaw issues.

The client with the shoulder issue is experiencing her stiffness on the right side.  The right side - to me, during session - symbolizes issues with masculine figures...father, brother, uncle, husband, etc. 

I utilized muscle manipulation & neuro-muscular therapy (NMT) techniques to work with the soft tissues of the shoulder and all of the groups contributing to the shoulder joint: supraspinatus, infraspinatus, pec major & minor, subscapularis, terres minnor, and deltoids for good measure.

After working the groups and fibers, the results were minimal.  But upon having a conversation about a man or men in her world that she might feel "responsible" for in some way, she began to tell me of an ex-relationship, where she still held some perceived responsibility.  The client was still shouldering a burden she felt from that time in her life.

Simply through the course of discussion about this, sharing the "story" a bit, expressing some emotions, the tissues began to loosen which brought about a marked reduction in pain and improved range of motion.

The second client  with low back pains and the jaw issues...Using the symbology of the body again - and the chakra system - we were able to get to emotions (held in the low back/second chakra) which she had difficulty giving expression/voice to (in the throat/jaw/fifth chakra).  There was tremendous rationale and mental reasoning as to why giving expression to the emotions was not good (a learned childhood conclusion) thus the jaw was shut down and the entire nervous system was in a state of duress.

As before in the first exampe, with muscular massage, tissue manipulation and neuro-muscular work there was some relief, yet it was incomplete.  A safe conversation about the emotional issues at hand helped to clear the stresses from the body, from the muscle tissues as well as the nervous system, and allowed emotional expression - giving voice - to the cause of such duress in the core of the body.

This particular client has reported - post session with me - that her body is totally handling her stresses differently.  They arent being stored in her body as they were before, and the areas of concern have not been flaring up.  Brilliant!

To learn more about having a session with me, meditations or energy management, please give a call or send an email.  I look forward to working with you soon.

Much Love, Stan

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