Communing with the Spirit Animal Kingdom

Posted on May 8, 2014 at 2:20 PM

This is from guest blogger, great friend and hugely intuitive healer, Janet Raftis.  To see more about her and readings that she offers, see her website - -  and FB pages.  This is a great read.  Thanks Janet!!

Communing with the Spirit Animal Kingdom

Spirit loves to communicate with us and can be very chatty if we are open to receiving messages from

her. She has all sorts of ways of reaching out to us and sharing her wisdom and guidance. Since most of

us don’t fully believe that we can hear the voice of God or communicate directly with him, the Divine

uses all sorts of intermediaries and energetic agents to get our attention and share his light with us.

One way in which we are given messages is through the animal world. Spirit animals are very similar

to angels and guides on the other side; in essence, they are energetic imprints that guide us and that

can offer us protection and healing when we ask for it. Sometimes the messages will come from the

spirit vibration itself and at other times they will come to us symbolically in that we will start seeing that

animal everywhere or receiving messages about it, or we will start to feel a strong resonance with it.

Many of us have felt very connected to a particular animal since we were small children – chances are

that animal is one of our guides! These main spirit guides are serving the individual in the big picture

of their life. For example, if the person is funny, fun-loving, and spends a lot of time in the outdoors,

they may have the spirit of Orangutan with them. If they are also highly organized and enjoy working in

groups, they may have the Bee totem with them as well. For intuitive people that are about to embark

on a healing journey, Deer may be their totem. These main animal spirits can be with us for years at a

time or even throughout an entire lifetime, but they also may change as our dreams and aspirations


Totem animals will also show up for us to help us through situations or periods of growth. Some may

be with us for a few months, and some may come for two minutes – just long enough to share a quick

energetic tidbit about our lives with us. Rabbit just loves to come through to let you know that you are

either entering a very prolific period or that you need to get yourself moving in the creative department.

She will often appear in the sacral chakra as she resonates strongly with the creation/birthing energy of

that center. If Frog shows up for you, you might want to reflect on what needs to be cleansed or purified

in your life or your body.

I’ve found as well that these spirits love to help us along our healing path. They offer loving and

beneficial advice on how to move through difficult times in our lives. Here is a meditation that Polar

Bear shared with me for a client that was having trouble expressing and receiving love fully. This

meditation will help to “thaw” your heart chakra:

Imagine that in the center of your chest there is a ball of glowing golden light. Feel the light heat your

heart center as it spins and glitters. Follow the light as it works itself out from your heart, touching every

part of your body, flowing slowly and softly through you. Enjoy the warmth and love of this divine light

as it passes through your body and radiates out through your crown and root chakras and then down

your feet and out into Mother Earth. Connect with the source of the light, knowing that it is Divine and

that you are loved. Enjoy often!

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