Energy Management; Cleaning Out Invaders and Reclaiming Yourself

Posted on April 25, 2016 at 2:25 PM

If you know or suspect that you are empathic, or feel easily overwhelmed when you go out in public, i.e. to the grocery store, this MAY describe you.

In those moments when you feel out of sorts, disconnected, or scattered, are you aware of what is energetically going on? Do you know how to figure it out? If you do figure it out, do you know what to do?

There can be times in the day or in the week when we may begin to feel “off” and we aren’t fully present with ourselves or other people.

When this happens, I begin to check in with myself. I may really need some time to do some self care, take a break, and eat healthy foods. I also begin to check my energy field to see if there are excess energies that are clinging on. They just don’t belong to me.

Yes, I sometimes call these energies “Cling Ons”… somewhat named after the Star Trek characters (Klingons), although there is no real similarity… Its an inside geek joke ;)

With the use of an easy kinesiology technique, I start to ask simple yes/no questions to gain clarity as to what is present – or not – and regain more of my own presence.

I will quickly go through the entire sphere of my being and ask/ check for five possibilities. Only three out of these five are of “outside” energies. ALL should be considered very simply and with NON-JUDGMENT.

(1) Attachments, living or past… this is about other people’s energies, who may be deceased or still living. For example, if I had an argument with my sister, am I still attached to her and that whole situation? If so, it is probably draining me.

(2) Entities… this is about something of nearly a non-consciousness kind of energy. A thought form, from either myself or someone else, can be a type of entity. It is rather gray, amorphic, and barely has form.

(3) Demonics… yes, this is a detrimental energy in that it is a clear drain on the system. Still, deal with this in a NON-JUDMENTAL way. Invoke Archangel Michael to take care of this and move on. It needs to be kept that simple. It is neither “good” nor “bad”, and A. Michael knows what to do with it, knows where to take it, knows what the Divine Will is with this energy. I/ you/ we do not.

(4) Aspect… an aspect of myself is a component of me that is fractured off from the core. My aspect is that part of me that has a childhood conclusion, i.e. “I’m not enough… something is wrong with me.” An aspect will hang out in the field, in the vicinity of the mental body. Even though this is “me”, it is not in the present moment, yet it is a VERY important part of the wholeness and vitality that NEEDS TO BE RECLAIMED.

(5) Grounding… is there connection to the earth? Am I present in my body? Is it weakened? If there is weakness, why & where is that happening?

Especially with these last two issues, this is where further investigation and energy healing takes place as these are explored with an experienced practitioner. There are many areas in the field as a whole to explore through the chakras, in the body itself, checking different organs, unwinding the spine & central nervous system, on & on. 

It is always a brilliant idea to have help with these, as sometimes we just need the extra support and guidance. YOU are an amazing Being with multi layers, facets and hidden treasures! 

Life needs all of you and Love seeks to reclaim itself. That would be you.

Come see me my friends, lets work together for greater wholeness and presence in the world, and YOUR self empowerment in learning how to do these things with ease and clarity.


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