What Can Happen in a Healing Session?

Posted on August 30, 2016 at 11:15 AM



Case Studies...

Some Things That Can Happen During an Energy Session

During a couple of sessions just this past week, I was really struck by the significance of the energy work. There is an effortlessness that happens in correlation to the trust and openness with the Higher Intelligence of Spirit at hand.


In the course of an individual session, there is a three-way conversation that is happening between the Divine Higher Intelligence, the client, and me the practitioner (or any other well experienced practitioner) . The client’s job is to relax & allow. My job is to do the same while also staying present, heart centered, trusting and open to the flow of the healing energies. Divinity knows what to do.


Two clients presented themselves with intense low back pains. Both scored their pains at 8 out of 10… 10 being most intense. Upon completion of the sessions, one client scored his pain down to a 1 or two. The other client scored her pain as completely gone, at zero.


During the sessions, starting from the outside of the energy field and moving inward, the healing energies work to bring balance, grounding, clarity & a return of vitality to the whole being. As this happens, stagnated & sluggish energies that cause disruptions – in the chakras, the mental field, the emotional field, and the physical tissues – are cleared out. Healing frequencies and vital Life Force energies flood those areas of pain to reduce inflammation, restore optimum balance and health.


Sometimes an emotional release can be a component of the clearing process. “Stuck” areas of energy can be moved, and, at times it is most healing and very important that an old “stuck” bit of emotional memory be cleared by giving it expression. This is the recognizing and honoring of our humanness rather than spiritually bypassing it.


We are here in this existence to have certain experiences, and our emotions are a vital part of our lives.


With the two clients mentioned here, there was an access to healing energies which are of absolute Source Energy. (By the way, we all have access to this.) This is energy that is before time, before “stories”, before traumas. Thus, there was an easier and graceful transformation of unhealthy energies throughout the body, and there were easy releases that were more physical. There were multiple muscle twitches, softening of tight tissues, unwinding of organs, fascia, and opening of the dural tube of the spinal cord.


This absolute Source Energy is Love, and it seeks to reclaim all of itself. It seeks to restore health and wholeness within itSelf by restoring it in YOU.


A tremendous amount of change can happen in the course of one energy session, AND greater success consistently occurs with follow ups. An important component of each session is what you learn for your own energy management, healing, self empowerment, and access to the healing Source energies that are present and available to you.


I do invite you to join me for a private healing session, as well as the group Medicine Wheel sessions that happen monthly. Together, let’s see what Love has in store for you.


Much Love y’all! Stan

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