Spirit of the Holidays, and the Rise of the Christ Consciousness

Posted on January 4, 2017 at 4:00 PM

(first published on FB, Dec 26th 2016)

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays everyone!

Over the past two days I have made it a point to disconnect from the world of electronics and many people, for the sake of connecting deeper within my heart and deeper into personal meaning of these Holy Days.

It is a singular and solo journey that goes to my childhood roots of relationship with Christ and the Divine. So please know this is about my experience, a spiritual experience, NOT a religious experience according to a book or doctrine or politically driven messages from any other person.

There is a church in town that I have come to know and appreciate as being hugely diverse, welcoming of all people regardless of gender identity, color or other religious beliefs. The ministry staff is female dominated and lead by a woman.

On Christmas Eve, this church was having an earlier service, a midnight mass, and a Christmas Day service. I opted to go to all three.

As soon as I walked into the chapel for the first service, I could feel such a love that overwhelmed me. Several times in the evening, I simply cried as my heart was gushing. There were favorite songs from childhood that we sang…songs I know by heart but struggled to get through because of the tears streaming down my face.

There were times – especially while singing – that I could feel a heat in different parts of my body. My third chakra was on fire as something was melting there… some chunk of energetic stagnation that gobs and gums up the way I think. These things cloud my discernment or create false judgments that get projected where judging should NOT be my business ever.

Areas behind my heart & heart chakra were cooking sometimes… releasing impurities from this place of genuine and authentic relationships with others and life.

And oh my God the Wise Men! A beautiful family from India came and sat in front of me. These turban clad men of the Sikh tradition – yes, three of them along with their wives and a young child – graced us all with their presence in that church.

They had randomly picked that church and those seats in front of me, near the decorated tree and the manger scene, to hear an old story of a Holy Child being born, and what that can mean to us in modern times.

The significance of this history being replayed right in front of me was beyond words. I was stunned two days ago, and I still am today. To simply sit in the wonder of this is enough. I don’t have to figure anything out.

The messages… The Pastor did a fantastic job of glancing over the story, since most people already know it. She came quickly to the point of the real message and meaning of the gift of the Christ birth… that “True Love involves risk. True Love risks everything. True Love involves vulnerability.”

So we have our shortcomings and failures. We try, we give it our all. In the case of Jesus the man who became the Christ, he gave his life. He took a real deep dive into the human experiences of love, heart break, betrayal, torture and death, to come out on the other side with compassion, forgiveness and absolute Unity.

I’d say that’s pretty vulnerable. Everything was risked.

After the two days of my child-like remembrances and delving into soul nurturing innocence, I felt it was appropriate to round out this journey with humility. I went to where the rubber meets the road.

Jesus the man spent time connecting with other human beings who were simply living life. Many were financially challenged, sick, outcast, harshly judged by other parts of society, frowned upon or ignored all together.

On Christmas day I found a place to do the same. I was deeply humbled to be of service listening to stories of recovery. I heard – and shared – stories of sickness, confusion and shame. We had coffee, we fed and served each other food. There were women, children, men, homeless and not so homeless, different languages and silence.

This was human-ness and compassion in action. Spirit in action, wearing human clothes. We – as a people – were there for each other, and everyone was Christ in this place.

The story that another man shared brings this experience all together. A few years ago, he and his young son – who might’ve been six or seven years old – were in an unfamiliar part of town. They really got turned around. In the car, the father was starting to fret, and he confesses to his kid, “I don’t know son, I think we’re lost. “

The son says “I’m not lost Daddy, I’m right here with YOU.” He had no worries. It was so clear and simple to this child.

It should be so clear and simple with all of us, that when we are connecting in clear and healthy ways… compassionately connecting and helping with each other, listening, simply being present without fixing yet sharing in kindness … that no one needs to be or feel lost. This is what we are here for.

Whether it is in a yoga class or a homeless shelter, we can genuinely recognize and touch upon that “Namaste” place inside ourselves, inside another human being in their struggles or joys. We can recognize that spark of the Divine and our humanity.

I remind myself that there is no difference, it is One and the same.

And so it was that I was given, by Spirit, some true Christmas gifts. These gifts speak to me of Life Itself, It’s Love, It’s value and It’s richness. It all resides in me and in YOU.

Thanks for listening. ~ Stan

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