What is Your Heart/Soul's Greatest Desire?

Posted on March 26, 2015 at 9:35 AM

The other day as I was working with a client, it became apparent that he was looking for something.

In his "story", he is generally well put together, organized in his world and very timely.  The word "time" came up enough that I realized there was a guestion or two waiting to be asked regarding "time" and what it is for him.  It seemed that "Bob" was looking for something before time ran out.

The questions that presented itself were "What is it that is your Heart & Soul's desire?  What is it that you feel must be acheived before time runs out?"

I was clear with him that it wasn't the perfect house, perfect partner in life or perfect vacation. These are things the mind/ ego wants.  But what is the feeling?  What is the innate knowing that is so close to the surface of consciousness, wanting to reveal itself?

As Bob sat for just a few moments with the question of what is his heart's true desire, the answer seeped into him.  It was genuine peace, genuine calm.  Nothing contrived, controlled or instigated with a technique.  But a deep calm and peace that is organic, natural, and truly already there.

The question itself is an invitation to the Soul/ Heart (they are synonymous).  The question is NOT for the mind, nor can the mind honestly answer it.  The mind MAY find a temporary calm when all is controlled according to its "story".  But it isnt genuine.

The answer, the feeling, the actual embodiment of the deep peace and calm itself is in fact what the Soul already knows.  It is what the Soul already is.  But are we operating from that place?  No, most times not.

So, the continued invitation is to explore, what happens when I do allow myself to be at peace with what is?  Does it improve traffic on the way to work? No, not really.  BUT, it does allow me to be at peace with the traffic and people around me as I go to work.  Traffic is happening.  There may be a snarl somewhere.  But do I feel ensnarled and tangled with it? No, not when I am remembering the organic calm and peace within, that is already present, as I allow myself to be present and open to the Soul/ Heart's desire.

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