The Root Chakra... the Place of Our Being, Roles, and Existence

Posted on July 13, 2015 at 12:55 AM

This discussion of the root chakra actually starts with the head, and a few reminders:  that "As above, so it is below, and vice versa."; The Root Chakra is the energy center of our very being, where "I give myself the right to BE the woman/ man that I am... just as I AM."; It is where we give ourselves the right/ permission to physically exist in the world; The Role of who/ what I have created myself to be in this world is stored here.

Recently, a client asked me to work on him with massage and energy work to address a recurring migraine headache.  In asking "Joe" questions regarding his headache, he revealed that his medical doctor strongly suspected a particular medication was the culprit. And upon eliminating that, his headache was reduced yet still present.

To really get started in the session, I always begin by energetically checking into the layers of the energy fields that surround the body, check the chakras/ energy centers that reside IN the body, as well as checking the physical body itself.

What kept showing up as needing attention was the emotions - the emotional body, second chakra, and sixth chakra -  the physical areas around all of the pelvic region.

So, I put these energetic discovering on hold for a moment - knowing that they were important, they were trying to show something, and it was all going to come together to create a complete picture - to ask a few more questions.

Me - "What does your headache feel like now?"

Joe - " Like a vice grip...more notable on the left side."

Me - "Whats that particular med for? The one your doctor suspects?"

Joe - "To increase urinary output."

Me - "And why do you need that?"

Joe - "Ultimately, its because I'm having difficulty completely emptying the bladder, because of my prostate issue (prostatitus)".

*Holy smokes, we're on to something now!*  Though the root chakra itself did not initially register with the energetic check in, it became clear at this point that it was hugely involved.  My job as the facilitator was to continue to stay curious, investigate, stay compassionate.

During the massage portion, the headache was reduced further with Swedish techniques, deep tissue, some neuro-muscular therapy methods to the neck and head areas, but not totally eliminated.

Also during the massage is a fair time for some chit-chat.  I asked the question of "As a child, what is it you always wanted to be?"  "Joe" responded with wanting to be a performer.  He wanted to be on stage acting or singing.  He had a talent(s) to share.

Post massage, we came back to the energetic work and questions...

As Joe continued to speak, he revealed that he had recently been back to his home to see family and address some issues that were coming up in that environment.  These were stressful.  He stayed grounded most of the time, but also he lost his "cool" once or twice.  The pressures he experienced and felt he was under was enormous.

The areas of his head, pelvis, root chakra/tailbone all began to illuminate as wanting attention and to be heard.

I asked him what was his "role" in the family dynamics?  In other words,  what character was he playing out in the family drama?

For Joe, this was a role of responsibility, the role of peace keeper, and in a certain sense, a role of frustrated witness as family members dont do/ behave as we believe they should. It is truly a heavy burden with a lot of pressure.  His physical body was manifesting this with the vice like pressure of the headache, and pressures (prostatitus/ bladder/ kidney issues) down below.

With a compassionate listening and awareness to the root chakra, I walked Joe into a prayerful heart centered space.  It is from this heart space that he could clear out the roles that he created for himself, clear out & disconnect all family cords (both mother & father, as well as siblings) from the root chakra, and give himself the unpressured permission and right to be the man that is in the world... just because he exists.

Within seconds, the work done here in the root chakra expanded its way through the body, physically and energetically. The headache went away as pressure was released.  In the sixth chakra, the energy there was no longer looking/ projecting for a "truth" that was simply no longer true. Joe no longer has to pressure himself to be the peace keeper or performer for the family, especially since home is eight hours away.

The pressure is really off of his entire being.  Surrendering the roles that he created for himself for peace, for a safer environment, to be seen/ valued, were all created as a child and served him well.  As an adult, roles and functions in life can change.  The roles that we take on or create for ourselves can be for what gives us joy in our own BEING. 

AND, as we need to sometimes be responsible with or for other adults in our lives, interactions have a chance to be totally changed as well...the angst of pressures, control and expectations are very different, greatly diminished or non-existent as well. 

Adult partnerships can be formed, adult conversations can be had, and there is a compassionate listening that is possible.

Giving ourselves the permission to be/ exist - just as we are - is what provides a solid grounding connection to the earth itself. We provide our own safety in being ourselves because we aren’t looking to anyone outside for that safety, approval or permission.

Much love y'all,



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