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Posted on August 2, 2015 at 8:10 PM

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Sex has been “up” lately, in my world of energetic healing. This is a topic that I don’t usually see energy healers talk about. Its awkward, but we need to have the adult conversation about this. It can be taken the wrong way or simply not be communicated well. I’m taking a deep breath and diving in anyway with the best and highest of intentions.

So, after you read ALL of this blog, and the link below titled 8 Ways to Be Positive You’re Sex Positive, please feel free to write back to me with comments, observations, suggestions.

In working with my clients, an increase in their sexual feelings/ arousal seems to be the result or side effect of clearing out some energetic clutter/ debris left over from childhood stuff, aka erroneous conclusions about self. Also, simply clearing out stressors of being an adult in a crazy world can create room for us to remember “Oh, then there’s sex!”

Whenever I see a pattern of multiple clients coming in with similar issues, then I know three things: I am learning something new; I need to pay attention; many people are having similar issues (more than just those that are arriving in my healing space).

The short story of this is that once we can disentangle our mental “stories” from our emotions, then we can actually get back in touch with what it feels like to be in our physical body… not stuck in a hamster wheel of judgments, guilt, shame, disconnect, denial, fatigue, overwhelm, etc.

The way that the client(s) and I got to their rediscovered sexuality was by staying present with whatever was coming to the surface, even when it was resistance. With one client in particular, there was a resistance to feeling a sadness. So rather than feeling that emotion, my encouragement was to simply be present with the resistance itself. It was more on the surface, it mattered, we listened.

And so we continued, level by level, layer by layer, staying present with every little thing, until reaching the core issue. It ALL matters.

To be more in the body often means to be aware of ALL of our senses, to include our sense of sexuality. I have noticed clients after their sessions, are literally seeing the world differently with brighter colors, they hear more birds and insects enjoying the world, they smell the earth … and they wonder what is that buzzing sensation they have around the root chakra?

This can be confusing or uncomfortable after an energy session. A client or two have said “I don’t understand, why/ what this is? I feel shy and embarrassed…”

First of all, I am always surprised and amazed at the mystery of what is happening, especially when the issue(s) being addressed in the first place having nothing to do with sex. I also feel deeply grateful and humbled by such vulnerability…the willingness to be so honest.

My verbal response is always “Thank God, you ARE alive!”

Too often – somewhere in our stories – our right to be human is compromised. At the root chakra, this is where “I give myself the right to be the woman/ man that I am”. It is our right to physical existence in the world, our right to our humanness, our access and gateway to the senses & sensuality. SEX is here as well.

Taking care of ourselves and others in life can be overwhelming and stressful, to the point that we are exhausted. Too many employers and occupations would have us be as more of a machine than a human.

When we are shamed around sex, or we are somehow numbed out to what we feel – emotionally or physically – then the tendency of the mind is to try to protect the whole self ( and heart) by shelving these feelings until further notice. A portion of our BEING in the world is shut off.

While this may be something that we simply learned from others in our world, or it became necessary as a child for us to survive and function in certain environments, it can also become detrimental, unhealthy, isolating, etc as an adult. We can find ourselves missing out on what we can enjoy, learn or rediscover in life. There is a part of our aliveness that is missing from the world.

Conversely, there can be an opposite/ unbalanced behavior that stems from “I am valued or recognized for sex alone”, which is hugely damaging to the spirit.

Healthy sexual energy is, after all, CREATIVE energy. It lends itself to our whole being, balance, and existence.

Now, the reality in today’s world is that our sexuality, sexual likes, dislikes, and expressions come in a rich variety of different looks, genders, and flavors. It can even be asexual… Its all good :). I am thrilled to be reading & seeing more articles about being “Sex Positive”, which is a way of saying “YES, I am sexually alive”.

Here is one of my fav articles lately, about 8 Ways to Be Positive You’re Sex Positive, and it has some great points to it. I especially like the parts about it NOT being hedonistic, there is encouragement to listen, know thyself, boundaries, and more.

Thus, there is permission and a reclaiming of one’s sexual being. It can be very vanilla/ tame, it can be rocky road, or bubble gum flavored, as long as it is healthy, responsible and consensual.

My invitation in all of this is that we are honest and give permission for who and how we are in our humanness FROM THE HEART.

Be kind and compassionate with your own BEING.

In the “new age” movement of the past 20 years or so, there has tended to be a real skip out of our humanness – away from what has been judged as negative feeling/ emotions and sometimes sexuality – so that we can live on a pink puffy cloud somewhere away from the rest of the world.

This just isn’t real and life misses those people that attempt to live there. Being awakened, aware, enlightened or spiritually exploring is NOT about escaping from the living world nor from yourself. Here on the ground – in the body - is where the work and joy is.

So, when you find yourself seeing the world differently with brighter colors, hearing more birds and insects enjoying the world, smelling the earth … and wondering what is that buzzing sensation you have around the root chakra… simply thank God you’re alive, and go enjoy life. ENJOY BEING!!

Much Love,

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Reply Janet
10:29 PM on August 2, 2015 
Great post and so very true! Thank you!