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Posted on December 7, 2015 at 11:00 PM

Hi Friends!

Its been a while since the last writing, so I believe it is a good time to share…


I am so humbled at the way that energy healing works, humbled at the innate intelligence of the body and the energies that are being accessed, and certainly humbled in being the facilitator with a client.

In a recent session with a new client, I took note of areas of her field and chakras that were distorted, also noting which chakras were needing attention. For “Liz” (name changed for privacy protection) they all wanted a tune up, but the ones that were showing a need for awareness the most were 2nd and 5th chakras… the seat of emotions in the belly area, and the place of giving voice in the throat, mouth, jaw area.

Working from the outside inward towards the physical body, some excess energy that just wasn’t hers was cleared out. This always makes for greater clarity throughout the session.

Next, I was drawn to begin working the jaw/ temporomandibular joint. “Liz” revealed to me that she had recently had a dental procedure done, and her jaw was still a bit sore. The REALLY amazing thing she shared with me was that while I was energetically working there, her lower left abdomen – and much of her digestive tract in that area – simply relaxed significantly.

Through much of the session, from that point onward, there was audible digestive and energetic movement through the guts, aka the emotional/ 2nd chakra region. At one point I was drawn to touch/ bring awareness to the left pelvic bowl & hip area, yet this turned out to be the key place that allowed the right side to unwind. Who knew?

Things really began to shift dynamically when I was drawn to the lines of energy called the Ida & Pingala. These are major nadi or energy lines that originate from the legs, then intertwine around the spine in a criss crossing fashion. See the images attached to this article.

It was the Pingala energy – originating from the right leg, that was sluggish at the throat chakra. As I stayed present with this sluggishness at the throat, “Liz” began to give voice & expression to traumas from earlier in her life, as caused by a male figure.

After a few moments here, attention was brought to the heart and lungs. Lungs tend to hold grief… and while the heart may feel “broken” at times, it is also the place where innate compassion resides. Holding space and allowing for this to really come forward in Liz’s being was deeply healing and restoring. She said more than once that “it felt like a healing balm was spreading through my body”.


Thank you for reading along with me, my friends! I hope that you will connect with me to explore what a session may be like for you. The Holiday seasons are upon us, the New Year is on the way. If you need stress relief, a “tune up”, or you are simply curious about energy healing, please reach out to me. I am at your service.

Much Love, and Merry Christmas!




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