The Best Surprise

Posted on January 11, 2016 at 4:50 PM

Happy New Year, Happy New You, everyday is a New Day!

Not too long ago someone came to see me just because she was curious, and was able to take advantage of a good timing opportunity. She came in saying "There's nothing really wrong, I don't physically hurt, I'm not emotionally distraught, I just want to see what you do."

Perfect!  I'm thinkin'... "oh boy, here we go.  This is gonna flop, with nothing to really work on." 

So, in a situation like this - and really in any situation with any client - my job is to see what wants to be seen/ recognized, to stay heart centered. I am curious as to what shows up in the energy field or elsewhere in body.

While sitting and listening to her words, as well as listening into the silence, my attention was drawn to her left side as something began to reveal itself.  In giving voice to this, I explained to her that the left is about the feminine, her as a woman, there can be lingering "mother issues" in the field, sister, grandmother, female co-workers, etc.

She was adamant that there were no issues, nothing was "wrong"... in fact she felt really happy!  I - and this particular energy happening in the moment - was adament that we listen and pay attention.

While compassionately being with her in that, allowing for space and a few moments of silence, something remarkable happened.

From within this space came a clear realization for her... and really it was a big surprise... that she simply loved her best friend, who was another woman.  The innocence & depth of this relationship, the trust & kindness over the years, and how significant that is, was rising to the surface for "Lucy". (name changed to protect privacy).

"Oh... its right in front of me!" she said with tears in her eyes.  "She's been my best friend for so long... and I didnt really know how much I loved her, until now!"

It was dawning upon her for the first time, about how special and significant this relationship was in her life.  It opened up a new level of gratitude, appreciation, and love for "Lucy".  It was certainly the Best Surprise.


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