Quotes "So beautiful, Stan thank you for sharing yourself and knowledge in such a community driven way. The last time I participated felt dense and deep - almost blanketed by something keeping the space and group grounded. Last night felt very different in a random way - almost bubbly with more individualized experiences and the voice felt more present. It was an awesome ride where I got to jump on other people's experiences while being in my own. *When I got in the car the tears poured on my drive home but felt none of that during the workshop. So interesting how our releases are timely, so unexpected. I appreciated you spending some time with the animal totems, would like to learn more of that. I loved the whale... "We don't know how deep she actually can go but will always surface". And I love that you told us that we are magnificent - what a great description of a human being - I left feeling pretty darn magnificent." Quotes
M.J. Pennington
Feeling Magnificent

Quotes Stan is an amazing healer. He has called attention to areas that needed love physically, emotionally and spiritually to return me to wholeness. But most amazing gift was his bringing me back to my true self where choosing joy and happiness comes naturally and brings with it - amazing gifts. Thank you Stan. Quotes

Quotes After a period of much emotional turmoil, I am feeling more in tune with my true self than I have been in weeks. Also feel more in tune with Spirit. I have felt disconnected a lot lately. You do amazing work and I am so grateful..Thank you SO much. Quotes
current cancer patient

Quotes "Quite simply put, Stan is the best and most skilled massage therapist I've ever had the pleasure to work with. What's more, he's also a superb human being, with the highest level of integrity/critically important attributes when working to advance people's wellness. And that's just it: Stan considers all elements of a person's situation in order to bring healing and wellness to folks in their daily lives. If you have any preconceived notions about massage therapy, let Stan put them to rest for you. He does a superb job; highly recommended!" Service Category: Massage Therapy & Energy Healing. Year first hired: 2012 (hired more than once) Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert Quotes
W. P.
Long Term Client of Stan's

Quotes I have done lots and lots of psychotherapy, and other healing, including various types of body work. I heard about Stan after my wife had a session with him and something seemed right to me about seeing him, which I did. After working with Stan, my psycho-spiritual progress has rocketed and it is very exciting to be moving through things so fast. I have also spent some time alone in the days after working with him and these were more like journey's that were intense, exciting and very healing as a result of Stan's work. One thing I like about him is his humility. If you feel you are ready for this type of work, I highly recommend Stan." Doug Miller, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist Quotes
Doug Miller Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist

Quotes My energy work session with Stan was moving and illuminating. After establishing safety ("I am not just safe. I am safety itself.") and guiding me towards center, we went on quite a journey. There was the movement of light and sound, color and visions. I left better than I came in. Gratitude. Quotes
Jackie Kinner Young

Quotes Stan is a compassionate and patient healer. He has helped me immensely on the occasions I have seen him. I've been treated by healers from all over the world(California, Mexico, Netherlands, Korea, Thailand) and I feel the most comfortable with Stan. He is gracious and a true man of integrity. Stan is very effective but very humble at the same time which is a combination I have rarely found in healers. I look forward to working with Stan in the coming years. Hopefully not too often. :) Quotes
Steve Suh
Repeat Client

Quotes "Hey what a great massage/healing awesomeness! Whatever you did made me giggle and my back feels great right now! The gall bladder cleansing was pretty interesting and I haven't been hungry all day!" Its always interesting how the body responds to a healing processes. Whether it is a tearful response or laughter, it is appropriate. It is movement of an emotional energy that wants/ needs to be expressed in some way. The result was reduced stress in the organs, which in turn reduced the stress, tensions and pains in the back. Tho, I admit that a giggle is unexpected when working the gallbladder/ liver area...it usually holds anger. Ahhh well, what do I know? I'm just there as a compassionate & trusting witness. Quotes
Andrea P
back pain relieved, hunger symptoms satisfied