The monthly *in person* healing circle and group gatherings at Decatur Healing Arts is currently suspended!

On occasion, I do hold virtual healing circles by zoom. These are highly effective, informative, and just as productive as in person circles.  

Join me for this ongoing gathering, for 90 minutes of Integrative Energy Medicine, healing, learning, connecting, and communing.

We will explore and utilize the energies of the north Native American medicine wheel and Patchakuti Mesa, of Peruvian/ South American tradition.

In this, we can see an accurate model of the Universe AND ourSelves, which leads to greater understanding, compassion, healing, and unity. There are no components of yourself that are left behind or unclaimed by Spirit in any way.

As we invite the Gatekeepers of the 5 directs, we also invite the return of ourselves. It is through this reclamation of our humanity that we also reclaim our own Spirit.

There are some astounding experiences and results that arise when two or more gather for the same intent. In this case - in the name of Love - our intentions are for the reclamation of Love itself, YOUR Self and wholeness, and deepening relationship with Spirit.

We will continue in this experience for personal healing, group healing, energy management, chakra work, and deepening your relationship with your own heart.

$20 investment. Pre-payment by Venmo is required to secure your place, as there will be a limit of 20 people in the circle.

This is a time for new beginnings, centering and grounding. You will experience more of yourself, your own presence, feel energies shifting around and through your body. This will also be Q & A and conversation time that will deepen your experience.