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(each session is 60 min)

 * 4 sessions of energy healing. 


**total value on this package is $400.00
You save $50!
If you live out of state but would like to have distant healing sessions by phone, you can purchase an Energetic Healing Plan of: 
*three energy sessions 
Energy Healing... a genuine "Whole Being" approach!  

Addressing physical, mental and sometimes emotional issues in the body by exploring the energetic field that surrounds the body, as well as the energies that flow through the body.  This all encompassing practice incorporates balancing of the electro-magnetic fields, chakra work, de-cluttering (removal of energies that just aren't yours), improve grounding, uses some hands on AND hands off techniques.  

Together, the client and practitioner explore the energetic source of a stressor that can create tensions/pains in the body, where it is held in the physical body, thus discovering the energetic "medicine" that brings relief and correction for the body.

As needed, there is also an energetic balancing of the organs themselves.  Each organ has an energetic movement or pattern of movement.  When under stress or emotionally bound up, they can be "reset" to move in its optimum patterns.  For example, the kidneys hold the emotional energy of fear.  This can be cleared and healthier functioning restored. 

Distance Healing...
If time and distance are an issue, this is the way to go.
Only a phone call away...   Email me for details! * [email protected] with the subject "Distance Healing Session".
30 min or 1hr sessions.

 **Please text first to 770 656 7788, 
then we can have conversation to set an appointment or answer
questions. Or...
I'll be glad to book your appointment.